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Discussion in 'macOS' started by hanguolaohu, May 3, 2012.

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    I have setup a Mac Mini in my office for several people to use, with me as Admin and others as Standard account. The problem is, when someone wants to install an app, they always get a prompt to input the Admin's username and password. From my research, I was under the impression that Standard users could install apps, but only for their own account, which is what we want. But for some reason, it's not working that way. I did a Google search and following one recommendation, used Disk Utiltiy to repair permissions on the hard drive of both the Admin and Standard User account in question, but with no positive result. I'm a bit reluctant to just give Admin privileges to one person; then others will may ask for the same privileges. What should I do?

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    Standard users should not be able to install apps. When installed the correct way, apps are always available to all users, there isn't really any such thing as installing an app for just one user (some apps can be run from anywhere, and thus can simply be stored in the users Home folder, but this is rarely optimal).

    Anyone who should be allowed to install apps needs to be an admin. If you don't trust your computer's users to do other admin tasks properly, you'll have to take on the task of doing software installs yourself, or delegate to someone you can trust enough.

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    Understood. So then is this quote from Joe Kissell's Mac Security Bible wrong???:

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    No, the quote isn't wrong: OS X Lion: Create a new user account
    It depends on the app. Some apps require elevated privileges to install; some don't. If it's a matter of dragging the .app file to the user's ~/Applications folder, they shouldn't need a password for that.
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    Got it. I guess the apps that I've tried to install so far require elevated (admin) user privileges then. Thank you GGJstudios

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