Standby lockups


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Mar 17, 2004
I've had this issue for a while; sometimes when I close my Macbook's lid, when I reopen the lid I find the fans are still spinning and it won't come out of standby. It's totally random and might happen maybe one out of every 5 or 6 times I close the lid.

This last time I did it (I just updated to Leopard, btw), Parallels was running using my boot camp partition. I, as usual, just held the power down for ten seconds. Now, my Windows install is corrupted when I try to Boot in Windows, missing some DLLs (no big deal, I'll reinstall), but even worse, when I click the Parallels icon, the icon bounces and I get a crash report. No GUI comes up at any point.

I'll try a Parallels reinstall I guess, but this standby issue needs to stop. My fan has seemed quieter since the Leopard install but it's happened to me twice.

Just to make it more annoying, this all happened while I was showing someone a Mac for the first time.

Any ideas?
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