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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by roland.g, Jun 28, 2010.

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    So the iPhone 4 is rated at 300 hours. I am assuming this might be with 3G off, WiFi off, Push off, GPS off, no push mail, Bluetooth off.

    300 hours = 18000 minutes

    or 3 hours/180 minutes per 1% of charge.

    Today my iPhone 4 dropped from 100% to 88% in 4 hours. No calls, no video, no gaming. Sent 1 email.

    WiFi on, 3G on, GPS on, BT off, Push email on. Screen black and locked most of that time. I'm guessing either:

    1. I have a lame battery.

    2. The mail app somehow is killing battery life?

    3. Multitasking still uses too much battery in the frozen background state, though in my case I don't have hardly any apps in my multislider.

    Oddly enough it was 100 when I went to bed last night at 1:00 and was still 100% or 99% when I woke up at 6:30. But I have noticed that my battery isn't going as far as I thought it would compared to my 2 year old 3G. And I'm using my 3G now Touch for a dedicated music player.

    But nowhere near no 3 hours per 1% drop.
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    Jun 28, 2010
    Do you have a 16 or 32? I have a 32. When I got mine from the Apple store it was totally dead out of the box. It took 10 minutes just for it to charge so they could activate it. I should have made him go in the back and get a new one.

    Since I left the store I charged it in the car and then on my PC connected to iTunes while it ran the restore and I left it for the rest of the morning. Since then it wont hold a charge for more than 5-7 hours of use. If it starts at 100% it drops to 80% in the frist hour. I ran it down 3 tims to 3-4% and then charged it overnight to 100% and still no change.

    I also got a 16 at the same time, except for the apps, they are being used about the same and the 16 can go 3 days before it gets to 20%.

    Since it is new I will just return it for a new one and hope for the best. Getting a new one means you then have to test it for Battery, Yellow spots and white dots? so you have a 33% chance to get a phone with issues.
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    Battery on mine seems pretty damn good. Wanted to condition the battery over the weekend so charged it all the way up and then let it run all the way down to shut off. With 2% charge left, I had 7 hours 14 min of Usage and 1 Day 18 hours of standby. I'd say the 7 hours of usage was pretty typical - phone calls, email, web surfing, 3G, WiFi, brightness a little below 50%, fetch every 15 minutes, location services mostly off). Blows away anything the 3GS was capable of doing.

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