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    Sep 14, 2014
    hey guys sorry if this is in the wrong section this is my first post
    i'm looking to buy standing speakers that i could hook up to my mac, but i'm sure i have to buy more parts other than just the speakers cause i don't think the speakers hook up directly into the mac lol:p
    could someone point me in the right direction as to what i need to buy to set it up and also some good speakers? not trying to spend over a thousand
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    What you want to be an audiophile is a cheap receiver with a optical input and get stand standing speakers with it then hook your Mac to the receiver.
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    For standing speakers, I'd look at Sony, Pioneer, Martin Logan, Bose and Klipsch. There's a good selection at B&H Photo.

    What you need to use these speakers (not just with your Mac) is an A/V receiver. That same site also has a good selection of those. I'd recommend sticking to the same brand for speaker and receiver. These receivers will often have a 3.5mm auxiliary input or TOSLINK optical input. TOSLINK is better. What you also need is a male to male cable, either 3.5mm or TOSLINK. has an excellent selection of such cables.

    May I ask why you are specifically looking into standing speakers?

    Note: I do not represent any of the brands, retailers or sites mentioned above. Those are just the places I go to for such products.

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