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Feb 10, 2004
Is there an app that will identify stars and objects that should be visible from your current location that doesn't require internet access? I am going to a cabin with great sky visibility but no cell signal and would like to try to spot some 'interesting stuff'. :)



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Nov 16, 2011
Starmap loads the dataset to your iPhone, and doesn't appear to require any connection to work. I have Starmap Pro, and just tested it in Airplane mode. It does give you a prompt to turn on Wifi at startup, but all the data is there (it's a ~80 MB download). Not sure what the prompt is for.



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Jul 22, 2005
I think most of them will work with no internet connection. Most likely it's asking because it needs a GPS fix, and GPS in the iPhone uses wifi/cellular to get a rough location first.

As to which one to go for, depends on what you're after. If you're taking a big telescope you want something higher end - starmap pro or sky safari (plus or pro) are excellent. If you're just going 'naked eye' then sky safari basic or star walk would be good. (But seriously, take at least binoculars - if it's a really dark site you'll catch a glimpse of things like the andromeda galaxy and the orion nebula - don't expect hubble views though ;))
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