Starbucks Wiped From Apple's Site

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by aznkid25, Oct 8, 2008.

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    Fresh off an extensive corporate decaffeination downsizing and a scaling back of its foray into music sales, it's a fair question to ask: just how ironclad is Starbucks' commitment to rolling out iTunes WiFi Music Store integration across its entire chain? We just happened to notice that the Starbucks page on Apple's site is now stone-cold gone, redirecting to the standard iTunes 8 stuff. You might say "no big deal, Apple's just playing down an agreement that's now been in place for a full year," but there's some other weirdness, too -- the company's iTunes WiFi Music Store at Starbucks FAQ, for example, still references the dead link. The partnership was kinda ill-conceived to begin with; getting access to the store meant hooking up to AT&T WiFi, which you wouldn't normally have configured unless you actually had an AT&T WiFi account. We haven't heard any official word here that the deal is in danger, but really, would anyone be welling up if it fell apart?
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    although, the free tune of the day would have been cool -- i could really care less.
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    What happened to the Starbucks iTunes WiFi Music Store Rollout?

    I thought I'd revive this thread instead of creating another one, so...

    What HAS happened to this whole Starbucks iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store thing? I know it is available in Seatlle, New York and San Francisco, but it was supposed to be available in Los Angeles as of March 2008, Chicago shortly after and the rest of the U.S. by end of 2008, and here we are July of 2009 and it's only partially working in Los Angeles and available nowhere else except the original 3 cities! (in Los Angeles the Starbucks Logo shows up on the iPhone's Music Store, but you can't see what's "Playing Now" nor can you see what's played previously. But at least I got that damn Starbucks logo there taunting me!)

    Did Apple and/or Starbucks just give up on continuing the rollout of this service?
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    Jun 8, 2009
    Not related to music, I have always wondered why there is no Starbucks app for iPhone/iPod Touch already. Dunkin' Donuts has one.
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    I work at a Starbucks and I think it's as simple as the music player not being hooked into the network. I'm not an expert though so I really have no clue. But every time I get on MacBook on the internet up there the iTunes store does have Starbucks all over it. And one time, but only once, I got the what's playing now out here in Alabama. I really hope they don't break the deal though, because then I won't get my fan discount and I probably won't be able to get on the internet for free at work since they'll switch to T-Mobile if anything.
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    How much less could you care? ;)
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