Starcraft 2 and voice chat


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Apr 4, 2010
Hey just got this game and im having trouble trying to get my in game voice chat working with the built in imac mic, when doin the test its showing sound being picked up but no sound is coming through, does any one know how to solve this prob
thx ric


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Oct 23, 2007
Please do post a reply if you hear back from Blizzard.

A friend and I couldn't get voice chat to work at any stage during the beta, and it doesn't work in the final release either.


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Jun 30, 2009
Yeah. Me and my friends can verify this. We tried for like an hour to get it working on 3 separate machines (two windows and a mac)


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Apr 4, 2010
Finally got a reply from blizzard and this wot they said:


Thank you for your email. There are a few things which can impact or even prevent Voice Chat from working properly in StarCraft II.

1. Drivers update

Be sure you have the latest sound and motherboard drivers. More information on identifying your sound driver version can be found at:

Motherboard drivers should be available on your motherboard or system manufacturer's site. Links to manufacturers' web sites can be found at:

2. Sound and microphone settings

The first thing we would recommend checking is to make sure normal sound works in other applications. Please make sure that you can play sounds using your favourite media player and your web browser. If those don't work make sure the system volume is turned up and that your speakers are plugged into the correct slot for your computer.

Then please make sure the microphone is working as well. If not we recommend you to contact the computer manufacturer in order to troubleshoot issues with the microphone.

3. Windows Vista / Windows 7 Sound

Windows Vista and Windows 7 handle volume on a per-application basis when the application is running. It is possible that StarCraft II is muted whereas other applications are not. When StarCraft II is running and you are not logged onto please press Alt and Tab to minimize the game, click the speaker icon then click the Mixer link. In that list you will need to look for StarCraft II, verify it is not muted and that it is turned up.

Next you will need to check in-game settings.

4. In-Game Voice Chat Settings

From the main menu select options then voice. Please make sure that "Enable Microphone" is checked. The dropdown menu should be set to "Default" and the volume slider should be set to the right, at 100%. Once those are all set click "Okay", bring up Sound and Voice again and perform the microphone test, both recording and playing back.

5. Firewall and Router Settings

If the 'microphone test' in game is working fine and you can hear yourself but not others (or others cannot hear you), that is a good indication that a firewall or router is causing the issue.

Some routers and firewalls may block just the voice chat functionalities of StarCraft II . You will need to ensure your router is forwarding UDP ports 1119 and 1120 to your computer's private IP address; please refer to your router's manual to correctly configure the required port numbers. Also please make sure your software firewall is not preventing StarCraft II from receiving incoming connections.

Should none of the steps above help we will need you to reply to this email with your dxdiag.txt and msinfo.txt diagnostic files:

Please also attach your StarCraft II Log file:

- Right Click on the StarCraft II icon
- Choose Properties
- Click the "Find Target" button (or "Open File Location" in Vista) on the Shortcut tab

Then locate the Logs folder in the new window that appears and attach to your reply any text documents from inside.

Should you need further technical assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards,

Christian A.
Billing Support
Blizzard Entertainment Europe

Telephone Number:

Please retain all history when you reply to this email"

not much help from them :mad:


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Mar 2, 2004
Well it's nice they gave you a proper reply. The fact remains voice chat not working is a known bug, and listed on the official bug list on the Battlenet forums. It doesn't matter how much you troubleshoot. Use something else, and wait for the next patch or two.

(I wanted to post a link to the buglist but the battlenet website is down for maintanence :eek: .)


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Aug 24, 2010
voice chat

to voice chat with your imac hold down the wavy line button that is located below the esc button when you want to talk. i used it last night
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