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Oct 9, 2021
We went to the Apple Store today (aside — is it ever NOT crowded) to look at the Apple Watch in person.

we were convinced they didn’t have the starlight on display. In fact they did. Side by side in even the well lit Apple store, it was really difficult to tell the difference. You had to hold both up to a natural light source (I.e., a window), side by side, to tell.

But individually, big differences when wearing them. My wife has very white, pale skin. The yellow-ish tone of the starlight didn’t look good. By comparison, I have more color to my (white) skin, and the silver didn’t look good.

it was quite fascinating, as going in, I thought I’d get silver and she thought she’d get starlight, and we switched.

final thought — if the Apple Watch 45mm looks good on your wrist, the Ultra won’t be a problem. I was expecting it to look too big, and it looks just fine.
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Aug 15, 2020
SF Bay Area
If you have (or plan to get) many bands, silver goes with more band colors, but starlight goes better with some band colors.
IMO, as this is very subjective.
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