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    Aug 18, 2011
    There was a pig like adventure and invention, he has a younger brother who likes to watch the stars and hopes his brother will pick two stars for him. In order to make the dream come true, he invents a Flying machines, hoping to pick a few stars down to his younger brother, but there are some problems on this machine that can not fly overhead. Now It relys on you to help pig brother's to achieve the dream!

    This is a recreational and relaxing game, but will also test your discretion and responsiveness! You need to exactly click on the pig ,then it will continued rising into the air to collect more stars! More satisfied with the scores You can upload the satisfied scores to your facebook, openfeint, twitter, gamecenter etc., please share the fun to your friends!
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    can you at least put this in the correct section.
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    OK,right link
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    Aha, this game is really so funny..Everybody, come to have a try !!

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