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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Chagas, May 14, 2018.

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    May 14, 2018
    Here is the problem: i installed Windows 10 on my Macbook pro mid 2012 and everything worked fine. After the windows installation i tried to reboot the macbook holding Alt/option to select MacOs but the macbook just went directly to Windows 10. Then i turned off and tried booting hold command + R but didn't worked as well. Now i can only acess windows and when i press the power button i hear the boot sound, then white screen and windows booting.
    The keyboard is working fine, the real problem is something with the MacBook.
    what I've tried so far: Installing another Hard Drive didn't work, i only got white screen and the message "insert a bootable device" (or something like this). I've tried a bootable usb with macos high sierra, formated with TransMac. I accessed the Recovery partition with MacDrive and did a recovery with the BaseSystem.dmg on a another hard drive, but didn't worked. i've tired simply copy the files from Recovery partition to a new hard drive and boot, only got the "insert bootable device. I did a "Restore with disk image" with TransMac and a new Hard drive but again "insert a bootable device".

    During all the process i accidentally deleted the macos partition on Disk Manager in Windows.
    Now i literally only have windows to boot and have no idea how to install MacOS without the start up commands.

    Is there any way to install MacOs on external hard drive via WIndows and then put the Hard Drive in the Macbook??
    Sorry for the bad english
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    If you have a macOS USB installer, you could remove the internal drive and place it into a USB enclosure, install macOS to the external drive, and then place the drive back drive into the Macbook.

    If you don't have a USB installer, you could download a macOS ISO, burn it to a DVD, and install using the DVD instead of a USB installer.
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    May 14, 2018
    Interesting, i was thinking in something like but haven't tried yet, i'll see if works. Thank you.

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