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Dec 30, 2011
hi all,
i am having some weird issues with my macbook pro (december 2010). until now, it's been lightning fast, and i don't really have much on it i mostly use it for surfing the web and some creative suite work.

yesterday morning i went to check my email when i woke up and the screen was weirdly frozen with spinning rainbows and everything, so i restarted. the computer was stuck starting up and showed the apple symbol with the spinning gear indefinitely. i rebooted again and again and still this happened. i took my computer to work and i restarted it in verbose mode, which then allowed the computer to start up fine, or so i thought.
throughout the day, the computer was working fine until the end of work, when it froze up in the same way it had that morning. i rebooted again. this time, i received the gray screen with the spinning gear, but the apple was replaced with the "prohibitory" icon (a circle with a slash through it). i restarted in verbose mode a couple of times, in one of which the computer seemed to be pretty stuck repeating one process over and over again and getting an error.
the next time i rebooted in verbose mode, it started up fine but every single thing i did sent the computer into serious spinny rainbow fits. it's like every process i started was SO HARD for it to do, even if it was just opening google chrome or trying to go to zappos.com.
i left it alone all night and then this morning i started it in safe mode. same thing with it getting stuck on really easy things like opening browser windows. i'm talking it would take 5-10 minutes just to select the "applications" folder.
this is pretty much what i'm left with. i have no idea what to do, but i need to get the problem solved asap!

thanks so much for reading and thanks in advance for your reply.

best regards,


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Aug 17, 2011
your computer should have come with some discs. one of those will have apple hardware test on it. try running that to see if it can detect something with your hard drive or memory.
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