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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by hassoon, Mar 30, 2013.

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    hi, i worked with core data and i created an app based on it. now i want to make it icloud enabled. however after searching online i found many approaches to hooking up a core data app to iCloud. some of the approaches uses UIDocument and some stores the persistanceStore in the cloud. i'm totally lost to which approach i should use. Anyway, i wanna start from scratch. i'm searching for a book/tutorial/videos to learn how to use core data and icloud together. i want the sources to be able to teach me by creating a simple core data app and adding it to the cloud. i searched so many books but as i said they don't follow the same approach or they just provide code and not practicing (like creating a simple app and update it in each chapter). Apple's documentation is really rich but there's no application while reading them to see them in action. So any suggestion? Thanks1
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    You're asking for a lot of headaches. You may be able to get icloud and core data working but at some point the sync, which is really weak, will fail. It will sometimes sync in a few seconds, sometimes it is going to take a few hours and sometimes it wont sync at all.

    Also make sure to support ios 6 and above only, ios 5 is even worse.
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