Starting iTunes from scratch, and then using Apple Music.

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    I won't go into much detail here (there are plenty of threads on the topic), but Apple Music really screwed up with my large and very well organised iTunes library. e.g. lots of random duplicates, artwork mismatches, songs vanishing, etc. I cancelled my free Apple Music trail after 2 weeks because it just unbearable. I resorted my pre-Apple Music iTunes library from a Time Machine back up. Happy days.

    I'm seriously considering deleting everything out of my iTunes, and my iCloud library, and starting from scratch. ~95% of what's in my iTunes library, I could just re-add to my library because it's the iTunes Store. The remaining 5% (some random bootlegs and demo versions of certain albums) could easily be added back in and uploaded.

    Has anyone done this?
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    Why not just create a new iTunes database and go from there? This is what I did before signing up for AM. I then populated the new database/library with my tunes via AM. And for those not available I just added them to the library and they sync'd to my devices. This will guarantee your old library not getting screwed up.

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