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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Trebuin, Jul 10, 2011.

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    I have a major problem where some program script or daemon is causing any firefox build I have to automatically quit when launched. I've been trying for months to figure this problem out and have it narrowed down to this as the issue. I can't boot firefox in safemode. I can run the debug or any beta version fine, but beta is not compatible with my password plugin and debug is really slow. If I boot osx into safemode, everything will work fine...leaving me to find it is another program or something. Firefox will not produce an error, but will tell me that I have selected to quit (really old version) and would I like to save the tabs?

    So, next I've looked at accounts, all accounts are affected. I've tried deleting all the longin items under accounts luck. Safemode still works fine. I'm going to end up having to restore my computer using a backup, but I cannot do a reinstall as I do not have access to my install disk.

    I've deleted all items in System/library/startupitems and /library/startupitems...still no luck. It would be great if osx had a program like autoruns for windows.

    Where should I delete things next?

    BTW, I am googling everywhere
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    I left FF for Chrome months ago. I found FF eating all my cpu and memory if I simply left it running with a dozen tabs in the current group and about a 100 tabs in hidden tab groups. Not acceptable. In your case, I suggest you consider a different browser. Reinstalling the OS is not worth it to keep using FF which has not worked well on OS X since FF version 3.something. If you decide you must do it, you can get a disk from Apple for a nominal cost. For now you can even still get Snow Leopard for $29 in any Apple store and probably in Best Buy as well.

    BTW, the more I learn about how OS X works, the less I want it to do anything like windows. And the whole autorun thing is one of my pet peeves about windows. We run Win 7 enterprise at the office and the IT doofs finally figured out they needed to shut down autorun. Finally.

    As for FF crashing when you launch it, have you tried the flashblock plugin? I never run FF without flashblock though flashblock in Chrome is more difficult because flash is built in to Chrome. If I left a FF tab running flash, I would come back hours later to find my Macbook all stupid. If I closed any flash tabs, there was only about a 30 percent chance of coming back and finding my Mac all stupid. With Chrome, I never find my Mac all stupid, but I avoid leaving Flash running as it makes my fans run loud.

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