Startup to Disk Utilities?


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Mar 25, 2008
Whenever I boot my Mac Pro, it undergoes an odd two-step process.

The first step takes a very long time, with a scary "white screen of death" for about 30 seconds. Then it starts to boot normally, but then goes into Disk Utilities.

From there I hit Quit, select my main startup disk, and it reboots normally.

I suspect I have leftover install bits or something? Where do I look?


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Jul 17, 2010
...but then goes into Disk Utilities.
Could you be a little more specific as Disk can't run by itself. Are you in the recovery partition or are you in your account but Disk Utilities starts at boot? Boot holding down the option key and choose your boot volume. Does that boot to your OS? If so go into the start up disk preferences and re-choose your OS as boot volume.