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    So let me get this straight. The Macbook Air is now the heaviest, oldest laptop. The Macbook Pro is faster than the Mac Pro. The Mac Mini is a doorstop. The best monitor you can buy is an LG. The Macbook is ??? And I can’t plug my iPhone into anything.

    Well, what a steaming pile of S***.

    As has been said by John Gruber and the guys at ATP, the state of the Mac is sad.

    The iPhone remains simple: three sizes, budget (SE), normal (7), and large (7+). The iPad is jumbled, but still relatively coherent: Budget (iPad mini 2 and 4), normal (iPad Air 2 and Pro 9.7), and large (Pro 12.9). There really is no compelling reason to be selling more than one model at each size. But save that for another topic.

    And then there is the Mac.
    First, the accessories are either extremely outdated (airport) or discontinued (display).

    Second, laptop marketing is a mess. Macbook Air is named completely contrary to its position in the market. It's the heaviest, oldest, most compromised computer in the line up. Macbook Pro is the only the updated model. And it can't connect to anything without a dongle (why?). Macbook is left on its own. At Macbook pricing, why would you not get the updated Macbook Pro?

    Third, the desktop line is dead. Mac Pro is dead. Mac Mini is dead. iMac is the only sane option. And even iMac has it's problems. The 21 inch option is only viable in its highest end configuration, with a fusion drive at minimum. The 27 inch base option is not viable, due to the spinning hard drive.

    For new mac buyers, there are only four configurations to recommend in the entire Mac lineup. Macbook Pro 13 or 15 with touch bar. iMac 21 with retina and fusion. Or iMac 27 with fusion. The prices for these options are insane. But everything other configuration offers an extremely compromised experience that I would not recommend.

    It's just sad. :(
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    Maybe iPhone fatigue will oblige Apple to make a serious play in the computer market. Hope so, for does any single computer user want to see Microsoft with an OS monopoly? How they would abuse us, and boy would we pay for the privilege.
  3. Bryan Bowler macrumors 68040

    Sep 27, 2008
    And worse yet, the best MacBook Pro they offer only comes with 16 GB of RAM that you can never upgrade. That removes the Pro right out of the MacBook Pro!
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    Apple must be doing something right based on their net income, cash hoard, and stock price.
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    What kind of a necro was that!

    On a side note, two years on, not much has changed :).
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    I necro-bumped the post exactly because not much has changed and the OP's post was so prescient IMHO.

    Everything is being soldered to the motherboard which makes end-user upgrades and repairs impossible, prices are rising, and everything seems to be iPhone-centric.

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