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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by PaulNL, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. PaulNL macrumors newbie


    Apr 25, 2015
    The Apple Watch and the new 12" Macbook where presented by Tim Cook in March 2015, and promised to be shipped from April 10th.

    Now, two month later, there are some sample MacBooks in he stores, but there is still a delay on the shipments to the customers.

    Many, many people have ordered a Macbook, but they still don't know when they are going to receive it.

    Probably, Apple has a delay at the assemble of the new Macbook.
    Many people are wondering, about what is happening with the items they have ordered.
    Why doesn't give Apple information to the customers?

    Are they so sure of themselves that they think it not neccessary to give some information and understanding the customers?

    The entire sales and delivery to customers is worthless settled, and it is sad that they are not even ashamed of the mess they have created!

    This sale completely sucks!
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    May 3, 2009
    I'm having trouble understanding your post. Are you saying because of the apple watch apple stopped manufacturing the MacBook? If so, that's not true - Both products are being made from different assembly lines. Also Apple has been updating the estimated shipping dates, so customers do have an idea of when they'll get it.

    This occurs every time a new product is rolled out, high demand exceeds supply. I will say that many people (based on what I've seen here and elsewhere) already have their MacBooks. I don't think its a fair to imply that apple is not shipping the MacBook.

    Is it a frustrating situation of course, in this instant gratification society, waiting for anything tends to bring the worst out.
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    I ordered my Macbook Retina when they became available for order and received it on time just fine. I have not seen anywhere that Apple is missing estimated delivery dates, or that they have told customers their orders are on hold.

    How would one not know when they are going to receive it? The shipping times are clear. Currently: 3-4 weeks. If someone doesn't know when they'll get it, then it's because they ignored the estimated shipping time.
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    Jun 15, 2010
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    OP is talking nonsense! Apple are shipping the MacBooks and everyone appears to be receiving within the shipping timescales they were advised of at time of ordering.

    That's the only problem I can see here! But am sure if Apple had prepoduced millions then someone would have complained they could have launched and started shipping earlier!!!
  5. woolie, Jun 15, 2015
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    Completely disagree with you!!!! Apple is presenting itself as an old fashioned Sears catalog company, where you look at pictures or displays & then order product & wait & wait!!!! That is so 1950's... Today the Apple store is a far cry from what Steve Jobs envisioned & created...

    Reading the various sites discussing this subject show there are Apple stores who don't have these products on display, because they can't them... I am a huge Apple fan & currently own 8 of their hardware products... But the last new 3 hardware releases have been a sheer debacle... Repeatedly saying supplies exceeds demand, is factual display of management ineptness at many levels...

    I just talked to someone today who ordered their watch on the first day & it has yet to arrive... I also checked with Apple today and their watch & MacBooks are still not available for purchase in the store & that you must still order them online... This June 15th!!!!

    Tim Cook is somewhere off in nirvana, unaware of the ill will caused the constant advertisement of Apple vaporware... I finally got tired of waiting & bought my MacBook from MacMall & received it in a few days.... Best Buy a few blocks from our Apple store are selling MacBooks constantly & the local Apple store people are totally embarrassed by this... I feel sorry for them...

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