Static noise from iPad speaker

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  1. Wikzo macrumors newbie

    Feb 8, 2011

    I've got an iPad 16 GB Wifi since late November.

    A few weeks ago I noticed some kind of interfering noise from the in-built speaker. It is not loud, but when you are in a silent room, you can definitely hear the buzzing sound.

    It is especially apparent when I use the virtual keyboard (with the typing sound enabled). When it is pulled up, I hear a small click sound and then the static noise begins. It's similar when I lock or unlock the iPad by hitting the power button.

    The noise seems to start whenever the speaker is activated, and it takes between 1-5 seconds for the noise to go away when the speaker is turned off.

    I am unsure whether it is a software or hardware failure, but it seems likely it's the latter.

    Have anyone experienced this?

    I *can* live with it, but it really bugs me. I would love to have it fixed.

    A few days ago I went to the store where I bought the iPad (a certified Apple reseller). They told me they could send it to Apple, but if they didn't see any reason to repair it, I would have to pay a small fee.

    Since this is my first Apple product, I don't know their repair service. Do they even repair iPads; don't they just send the customer a new device?
  2. Username18 macrumors newbie

    Feb 19, 2011
    My iPad does that too.

    I think it's normal. I tried to have a forum about it, but got no response. But I might go to the apple store and try out other iPads to see if I get the noise. Hey try listing to your iPad with headphones. Then go to a YouTube page pause it then turn up the sound all the way. Tell me if you hear static when the sound is going up. Mine makes a static sound when I do that.

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