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Apr 3, 2009
Hey guys

I've noticed a problem with my iPhone 5, where there is static noise coming from the bottom speaker. I can hear it when placing my ear near the speaker.

Anyone else noticed it?

Tried to do a hard reboot, but noise comes back after about 30 seconds.

Also tried restoring (clean install - not from backup) but the problem comes back after I've used a few apps...

Should I go to the store to get it replaced? Or is this normal?


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Dec 16, 2014
I have noticed exactly the same problem with my iphone 5 and my partners 5c... Always a very quiet static sound coming from the loudspeaker when the iphone is on (and not in sleep). Did you figure out a solution to this?


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Jun 11, 2009
i think this means that the iPhone is bad and it needs to be replaced.

please check in with a genius and report back here with his findings

iphone 5 out of warranty repair costs
screen $129
battery $79
anything else $269
dust or lint $0

used iPhone from eBay / swappa ( functional and not bricked) from my shopping expierence
$180 to $280 depending on capacity

if the genius says you need a new phone, one other possibility besides a new 6, and a new 5s
would be a used 5C

their is a lot of iPhone 5c haters out there. but as long as you get a 5c with 16 or 32 gb of ram
its actually a better phone then the iPhone 5 , because it has the 5s cell phone radio. a lot of
iphone 5c haters / android fans call this ' a slightly better antenna ' i hate those people
if it was just a 'slightly better antenna' then their phones would have it as well.

you tell them the actual cellular radio chipset is better and they just ignore you and walk away and live in their little iPhone 5c hater world.

don't waste your time with a 5c 8 gig though
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