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    Otherwise known as 'what happens when you post videos and photos to a popular site and it gets dugg'. :)

    This sort of use has a different profile from a normal keynote event (much larger files) so most of the stats we normally give aren't particularly relevant, although they are still high for an average site - 3.7 million hits in 24 hours for example. Instead, we'll concentrate on data transferred.

    Statistics start when the front page results story was posted at 4:25am EST on Thursday, 9th November so don't include the entry or voting periods.

    Usage during 24 hour period after posting (i.e. up to 4:25am EST, Friday 10th)

    Peak bandwidth used: ~150 Mbit/sec (approx 10 minutes after digg link reached their front page)
    Total data transferred: 481.1 GB

    Usage to date (approx 5 & 1/2 days)

    Total data transferred: 764.6 GB
    Visits: 71,769

    Usage per day

    9th: 371 GB (9:25am GMT -> midnight GMT)
    10th: 246 GB
    11th: 65 GB
    12th: 40 GB
    13th: 32 GB
    14th: 12 GB
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