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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by pollybrowne, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. pollybrowne, Mar 17, 2013
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    Nov 4, 2009
    I used to use the tweak called StatusColor before the evasion jailbreak was released and I upgraded to 6.1. This tweak added color to the status bar depending on the app by taking the average of that banner’s bottom row of colors and applying the result to the status bar’s color, so that, for example, in the stock Notes app, the status bar would be brown, in Safari it would be that same gray color as the navigation bar etc-- it worked it every app (see photo below). In the description for StatusColor it says that this is done automatically in iOS6, so the tweak cam only be installed on phone running iOS 5.x and under. But since I've upgraded to iOS 6 I've found that I'm not getting that effect by default, for example I have a black status bar in the Notes app, in mobile Safari etc.

    I can't install the StatusColor tweak like I did before because as I said its not compatible with FW versions later than 5.x.

    Is there any other tweak that will do this that is compatible with iOS 6 or any way that I can do it manually? Or is there anyway I could get StatusColor to install on iOS6?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really liked how this tweak changed the appearance of apps running on my device.

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    Their are other tweaks in Cydia that may be able to add colour to your status bar.

    I was looking at the various colours last night !
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    I would like this as well. It's crazy that Apple implemented this whole status bar colour thing and they couldn't be bothered to make it work with every app. I don't know any apps that will make the colour thing work on all apps, but there is a tweak out there called AntiTint which makes the status bar black for all apps. It doesn't look great but at least it's consistent. :mad:
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    Have your tried StatusColor on iOS 6 yet? I think it has been updated.

    Believe it or not, there IS some kind of consistency in the iOS6-statusbars. The color depends on the navigation bar (the thing showing the back and edit-buttons).

    There are two types of navigation bars, one which only consists of color (e.g. Preferences, Mail, Messages, Calendar) and has no rounded corners at the top. If an app uses this type of navigation bar, iOS as from version 6.0 will automatically add a tint based on the color of the bottom line of the navigation bar.

    Then there's another navigationbar with rounded corners, e.g. in GameCenter, Notes, Reminders. As for the Apple-apps, this type of navbar aims to imitate a texture (wood, leather..), therefore adding a (non-textured) tinted statusbar would lessen the image of a texture. iOS adds a black statusbar. Safari is an exception, since there is no navigation bar but a mask showing dynamic content (webpages), where a black statusbar would fit best (i guess). Some apps like Twitter have chosen a rounded navbar (=no statusbar tint) even though they don't imitate a texture. I think this is just a misunderstanding..

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