Stay with Mavericks or upgrade (mid 2012 MBP)

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by Black Diesel, Jan 1, 2018.

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    I have a mid 2012 MBP 13" 2.9GHz i7 and I'm still running Mavericks 10.9.5 I use this computer for business and I'm using Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. I'm worried that updating my OSX will cause problems, but I'm hearing that staying with Mavericks might also cause problems.

    If you suggest I upgrade my Os, what should I upgrade to keeping in mind I need Office 2011 for Mac to work?
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    Office 2011 is still supported, no need to upgrade unless your other programs aren't supported. Anything above 10.9.5 for my Late 2013 Mac will cause stuttering and slowness. Updating your Mac won't cause any problems... however it will slow it down.
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    To me if you actually like OSX Mavericks, stay with it. I really don’t like it as I have never been able to completely eliminate the problem of the WiFi connection cutting out. I even considered downgrading — and going back to OSX Mountain Lion. If I had two laptops, I would keep one permanently on that system as it is the stablest OS ever created by Apple :apple: — and the last to fully support Final Cut Studio.

    There is a poll on this forum where the least preferred OS was Yosemite. So if you are going to upgrade, I would advise NOT upgrading to that OS. Regrettably, I must upgrade again because of TurboTax — which requires El Capitan or above for the latest tax year.

    What’s funny is a friend who already did her taxes told me AVOID High Sierra as TurboTax 2017 would only run on Sierra or below for her! :) So for me, I am choosing El Capitan — simply because most feedback for older Macbook Pros is negative for anything above OSX Mountain Lion.

    In terms of Microsoft Office 2011, I would append TC_Goldrush’s comment to state that it DOES matter if you upgrade if you are doing a “clean install.” If so, you will be needing your “registration key,” so make sure you write it down, as well as any other software program keys. If you are not going to wipe your drive, then the upgrade will take longer but not affect Office 2011 in any way.

    When I read a review about a new OS that says “far more stable than any OS put out by Mac recently” — THAT is when I upgrade to the “latest.” Failure to even acknowledge how horrible previous releases have been on certain Macbooks — is cause to question the integrity of the review.

    It is not in dispute that there is a significant variance in software-hardware compatibility — from one machine to the next. Any way you slice, best practice is go for the final release of any given version (10.x.5 or 10.x.6).
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    I can't answer your question but its always better to upgrade or at least stay 1 version behind (currently Sierra). Older OSs lose support, don't get patches, newer software won't run on them, and they mihgt have vulenrability risks.

    If life was back in the 90s where you computer was not connected to the net and you can use the computer indefinitely then sure, keep your computer and software, but today everything is connected online and you will miss on the updates and newer software.
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    Cause problems... what problems? Don't believe everything you read on the Internet.

    My rule is, stay with what works and stop chasing the dog's tail, UNTIL something you need to run requires a newer OS, then you got no choice. Until then you think new software don't have bugs, vulnerabilities?

    U maintain backups, and known-to-be-good OS images, you are fully protected. Don't fall for scaremongers.

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