Staying in Europe for 6 Months

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    Okay, so at the moment, this is just a priliminary idea.

    Working full time, I realized that I want to first travel and "find myself" before committing fully to a career. With that mindset, I decided to stay abroad a bit and live on my own.

    My original option was to teach in Korea but unfortunately because Im Korean, it makes securing a job a bit harder than my American counterparts. That was option number one (mainly because they pay for housing on top of your monthly payments).

    After teaching for a year, I was then gonna do the Europe idea but if I can't find a job in Korea then its straight to Europe.

    So at the moment, Im 23 and graduated with my psychology degree so I can't expect to use the excuse of "study abroad" because technically I'm out of school.

    The country/city I narrowed down to is Barcelona (loved it when I visited) and Switzerland (also loved when I visited). The only issue is, I don't know how and what to do to support myself once I get there. Unlike the Korea idea where the paid for airfare and housing, Im not sure Europe would offer the same perks/conditions.
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    Always a day away

    You mean Spain?
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    Sorry, brain fart :eek:

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