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    For over TEN (10) years World War 2 Online: Battleground Europe has supported the Macintosh community by producing one of a handful of Mac OS X native MMO's.

    It was September 2002 WW2 Online (later renamed to BGE) when the Macintosh version came out, and despite years of change and relatively small Mac base, it has continued to support the Mac platform.

    Remember, this was a time when most people still thought Apple will soon go away, the iPod was a year old, and G3 was the typical CPU on a Mac.
    Oh, and more people used Telephone Modems.

    WW2 Online broke new ground in online gaming, set new expectations, and continues to function when many other games have long ago passed.
    Still, it is not easy to evolve and improve a 12+ year old game engine and more importantly the entire nature of gaming today is radically different from when WW2 OL: BGE was first conceived in late 1999.

    What is Steam? (for those new to it)Steam is one of the major changes in the gaming world today, an Amazon for games, practically a must for a title to be noticed.

    Steam Greenlight for WW2 OL: BGE APPROVED!
    Plan now to be on Steam early 2017, once the last requirements are finished and tested.

    Supporting this game supports Mac Gaming, lets developers know there are those who play games on Mac's and brings more attention to Mac's, so please support even if they genre is not what you like.

    WW2 Online has very low system requirements, even old desktops and laptops could run this game.
    Land, Air, or Sea, you can find something you like in this!

    Tally ho!
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    Sorry I cannot support anything steam as I do not agree with the way they operate in many ways.

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