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    Sometimes you need the right tool for the right job. And sometimes you also want your selected tool to be different.
    SteamTools 2.0 is a totally rewritten app featuring 5 tools in a fancy steampunk style.

    Lets start with the Compass, that will show you the North in a new way.

    Lets continue with the Finder:
    sometimes you park your car and after a while you don’t remember where you left it. Take the position with the Finder and when you are in need check the direction and the distance between you and your car.
    You can save many position for all your needs (your car, your house, your lover’s house).

    Another tool is the Tracker:
    with this one you will be able to track your movements and check the distance you have covered, and you can do this listening your preferred music. So start your journey, go to jogging, listen to your music and check your path visually on the map.

    Another one: the Tesla Meter.
    Check the magnetic fields around you, see values changing as you approach electronic devices and also people. Use this tool also to do amazing jokes to your friends.

    Last but not least: The MultiTool
    Use this amazing 2D level to check the angles of different objects.

    Sutnning Visuals for Stunnings Tools

    Get it at
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    updated with images

    sorry, previous message was wrong, missing images of the app

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