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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Infrared, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. Infrared macrumors 68000


    Mar 28, 2007
    I'm really not happy with Steinberg's Cubase Dongle (USB eLicenser).
    When it's plugged in, the machine takes more than twice as long to
    boot as when it's not plugged in. That is simply not acceptable when
    the dongle offers no benefit to me whatsoever (it's all about benefits
    to Steinberg).

    I've filled in several of Steinberg's support request forms and haven't
    received a single direct reply (as in addressed *to me*) in two weeks.
    I paid a lot of money for the use of this software and they can't even
    be bothered to so much as acknowledge a support request. I can't find
    a useful looking email address and their support phone numbers are
    German (= expensive calls).

    Some information has come my way, but a lot of it is contradictory.
    Steinberg told the shop they thought the dongle was broken. Then,
    in another email to the shop Steinberg blamed it on the computer's
    configuration, which is a lot of nonsense. There is nothing very
    strange about the way I have the machine set up (Mac Pro, 1
    OS X drive, 1 Windows drive). I never had a problem booting this
    machine before I plugged in the dongle, and I've had all sorts of
    stuff attached to the USB ports before.

    Quote 1:

    Quote 2:

    (That second email in particular is quite bizarre.)

    Now the shop is claiming it's actually normal for the machine to take
    a long time to boot with the dongle attached.

    I feel ripped off.

    I wonder, does anyone have a Steinberg email address so I can try
    and contact them that way? Or any thoughts on this conundrum?

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    Feb 20, 2009
    "I wonder, does anyone have a Steinberg email address so I can try and contact them that way? Or any thoughts on this conundrum"

    You could try browsing here:

    But the truth is, if you want to use Cubase (other than the free "Cubase LE4", which I use), you have to use the dongle and accept its limitations.

    If you are unwilling to accept that, your only choice is going to be to use something else.

    It's that simple.
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    Mar 28, 2007
    If those limitations had been made clear before installing Cubase, I would
    have returned it already. It's a bit hard to make a judgement about facts
    that are unknown. I did read around various forums before getting Cubase,
    but I can't recall any mention of the booting slowdown.

    And the thing is I still have no idea if the problem is widespread or not. I
    don't know if the dongle is faulty or not. And Steinberg aren't helping to
    clarify matters (I would much prefer to speak to them than rant and rave
    here :).

    By the way: I'm not opposed in principle to dongles, or copy-protection in
    general, so long as the method used works unobtrusively. There's no reason
    why it shouldn't.
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    Feb 20, 2009
    A closing thought...

    If the only real issue you have with Cubase (and the dongle) is booting time, why not give it some time to get used to the program's capabiltiies?

    I've used GarageBand, Cubase, fooled with Logic Express a little, also with "Traktion" (Mackie DAW product).

    With Cubase, it's a snap to select a clip of audio, copy it, dupe it, move it, normalize it, adjust the gain, etc.

    Cubase is the CLEAR WINNER amongst all these, particularly if you want fast and easy audio editing. NONE of the others come anywhere close.

    Can the dongle be inserted AFTER the computer has booted?

    Disclaimer: I use Cubase LE4 ("free" edition of Cubase that comes bundled in with certain digital audio hardware products), and it _doesn't_ use a dongle. Instead, it uses an "on-the-fly" online registration check that occurs when Cubase is loaded up (downside is you have to be connected to the net in order to launch Cubase LE).

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