Steps or sequence in iPhone4 restore?

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    First post -- I got the web site address from my college aged daughter who is an engineering major and Mac user. I'm generally too set in my ways to leave my funky old Windows computer but I do like my iPhone4.

    And up until this morning everything was working fine on the iPhone4, then I installed the software upgrade, authorized my laptop via itunes, synced my Contacts into Outlook on the laptop, and then synced with my original desktop.

    When doing the sync on the second computer I chose the merge option and now, unfortunately, I have duplicate email accounts.

    So, I went to do a restore and received a warning that it would set my phone back to the factory settings, after which time I would have an opportunity to restore my Contacts, text messages, other media, etc.

    Is there anything I need to know before doing this? I'm already ticked about having to do the restore chore, but I sure don't want to foul it up worse.

    Insights will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
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    I’m not following you. If you have duplicate “email” accounts, just delete the accounts and re-add the one you want. No need to restore. If you have duplicate contacts, restore and then sync with Outlook.

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