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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by bignumbers, Jan 16, 2011.

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    I'm looking for advice on an inexpensive stereo amplifier to purchase for use with an Airport Express. This is for my kitchen. I have ceiling-mounted speakers (nothing special), but no current audio source. This doesn't need to be super-high quality nor very high in power. It doesn't need to do anything other than be an amp.

    Ideally the amp should be small and run cool, as it'll be at the back of a kitchen cabinet. It should have some form of auto-sensing power so it doesn't waste electricity when not in use. I'd like it be under $100, preferably under $75.

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    The Dayton APA150 is actually kind of great. It's pretty heavy and feels quite sturdy, and the sound quality is really nice. There is absolutely no hiss or hum, even with the volume all the way up (and no music playing, of course). It has the auto-on/off feature you're after, as well as a line out for a sub, a 50-150Hz adjustable crossover for the bass, but the price is a bit higher than what you indicated you were after.

    The T-amp in the previous commenter's 1st link would be smaller and meets your price, but you might still keep an eye on the 150 just in case it goes on sale. I've been extremely pleased with mine.
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    NAD C 315BEE

    I have the 325 and its way more power than I need. Very smooth, easy-to-listen-to amp for being a solid state and not too bright.

    EDIT: Just saw the OP's budget requirements - the NAD may be more than that but I'm sure there are plenty of used ones around. NAD stuff is built to last generations.
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    Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

    The DTA-100's price is right, but doesn't appear to have automatic power. I wish it did; otherwise perfect.

    Dayton APA150 looks good. A little over what I wanted to pay, but not outrageously so. It has a fan which I prefer avoiding, but not a dealbreaker.

    NAD C 315BEE indeed looks fantastic, but beyond what I'd like to pay for a kitchen amp. Possibly for another room later on.

    I also ran across the AudioSource AMP-100, which at least meets all my specs; auto-power and under $100. I'll do some minor digging between this and the Dayton APA150 and likely flip a coin.

    Thanks again!
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    Finer stores everywhere.
    Don't worry too much about the fan in the 150. If I mute the input after a few hours of playing at modest volume, I can neither hear nor feel any vibrations from the fan, so if it's on, it's dead silent. The unit feels slightly warm to the touch at that point, but not hot.

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