Steve Jobs: What you did not know

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by iDmitry, Mar 4, 2008.

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    Or what you did know... whichever one it is, this article from fortune and CNN tells a great history background and some really interesting facts about how Stevie runs his company. I had a lot of fun reading this and would like to see what some of you have to say about it.

    Some things I found most interesting:
    -Taken straight out of the article, "Jobs' personal abuses are also legend: He parks his Mercedes in handicapped spaces, periodically reduces subordinates to tears, and fires employees in angry tantrums. Yet many of his top deputies at Apple have worked with him for years, and even some of those who have departed say that although it's often brutal and Jobs hogs the credit, they've never done better work."
    -Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was thinking about not having surgery.
    -Jobs is a "mean boss", inside that welcoming and happy-looking smile is a stern CEO for whom failure is not an option. This man fires people left and right, yells at them, and yet some who have been fired say that he still is a great guy who knows how to run a company.
    -"The degree to which people in Silicon Valley are afraid of Jobs is unbelievable. He made people feel terrible; he made people cry. But he was almost always right, and even when he was wrong, it was so creative it was still amazing."
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    All of the industry giants in the 19th & 20th centuries (Ford, Edison, Rockefeller, Bell, et al)turned out to be pretty horrible folks in life, but the "legend" built around them stayed intact for decades, even a hundred years or more before we began to deconstruct their myths. With SJ (and Gates and Ellison and others of the current era), we do our deconstructing real-time.

    The critical question is not whether they're likable and pet their dogs, but whether the vision they have is accurate, and worthy of tolerating the behavior, which in a less-talented person, wouldn't be. Well, unless your name is Ballmer.
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    yeah you're right about that. A tough boss will most likely always be a better businessman than one who has sympathy on lower-skilled workers
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    My respect for Jobs for based on this advancements in the tech field, and running companies...not for being a nice person.

    Still cool to know how he funtions(a little)
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    Sean Dempsey

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    Holy freaking crap guys.

    This has been known about Jobs since the early 80's. They even highlighted it in that cheesy movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley." Remember when he puts his bare feet up on the board table and uses them as crosshairs to fire guy?

    How can you be Apple fanboys and not know that Jobs is a Philosopher Tyrant?

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