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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by WGoins88, Nov 16, 2011.

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    I think this should be stickied, and anyone is welcome to add to this. I know it's not complete, so as I mentioned, feel free to add to this. Things like "What version of Flash" and other things like that should be added. Zen, I would recommend that you add your plethora of knowledge to this post as well.

    Q: Can I put an Intel processor in my PowerPC Mac?

    A: No. The PowerPC and Intel Macs use completely different chipsets and logic boards. The processor sockets are very different as well, and wouldn't even remotely allow an Intel processor to work.

    Q: Can I put an Intel logic board into my PowerPC Mac Mini/iBook (G3/G4)/Powerbook (G3/G4)/Power Mac G3/G4/G5?

    A: No. Macs are not like PCs, which can easily allow the motherboard and other components to be replaced. Most Mac components (with the exception of optical drives, memory, hard drives, and video cards) are proprietary, meaning that they are custom made and fitted for the particular Mac model they reside in.

    Q: Can I install Snow Leopard or Lion on my PowerPC Mac?

    A: Simple answer? No. 10.6 and 10.7 are specifically built and programmed for Intel processors, and simply will not work on a PowerPC computer.

    Q: Can I install Windows on my PowerPC Mac?

    A: Yes and No. You can't install it to natively boot into Windows, but you can find programs out there that will allow you to run Windows XP in a windowed "virtual" environment. Be warned though, it is VERY slow as it is essentially emulated within OS X. I personally don't recommend it, just because it tends to be a pain.

    Any additions to this would be great!
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    People don't read stickies, and it doesn't look like your "FAQs" are that "F."
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    I second miles. While it was a nice effort, newbies just ask there questions despite the fact they have been asked and answered 100 times.
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    Maybe try to post this as Guide?
    It will be visible on the top of this forum.
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