Still having problems Quicktime after a week.

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by mingspace, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. mingspace macrumors member

    Oct 23, 2006
    As a new mac user, so far I am extremely frustrated... Particularly with quicktime. For some reason, video plays fine but audio does not for AVI and MPG files. I paid 29.99 for QT Pro, and then another 19.99 for the MPEG add on. Still no audio on QT. Researched all over the net, downloaded every codec that people recommended, still no audio. The only way is to play it outside of quicktime, such as with the ffmpegx player... BUT STILL NOT QUICKTIME!

    I called customer service... Horrible.

    The first lady made me wait for 15 minutes after 10 minutes on hold while she researched it... The best thing she could come up with was to uninstall and reinstall it. She told me I have to uninstall and call back and she refused to wait 2 minutes on the phone with me while I do the installation after I waited for half an hour to get a solution from her. So I took down a case number, reinstalled, called back and waited another 15 minutes.

    The second girl knew slightly more, but told me that when I uninstalled Quicktime, I also uninstalled that MPEG2 add on (that I purchased for $19.99 on the apple site) after waiting another 10 minutes while she researched and trying one thing that didnt work, she transferred me to the sales department to so they can resend me the download link again (my email doesnt allow me to redownload what I've purchased in any way and neither does my account online). The sales guy sounded like a pothead... Didnt know anything and transferred me to customer service. Customer service tells me the Quicktime issues are handled by people who do not use the phone. Even for simple things like download links. Those issues are strictly done by email, and to get this decoder, I have to wait 2 days just to hear back. So after all this time (and money for this service)

    BTW, a second problem thats related is that audio doesn't play in Final Cut Pro with MPG files either. I am assuming that's because it's related to the quicktime issue. And the main reason why I bought a mac is for video editing. So right now I'm just flustered... Does anyone have a definitive answer to this Quicktime problem?
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    Jul 17, 2002
    A simple search on this forum would revealed answers to your questions days ago. First off, you have to understand that Apple supports Apple technology. .avi files come from the Windows world, with some formats based on stolen QuickTime code. Download and install the Perian, Flip4Mac, and DivX codecs. Some of these may have overlapping functionality, but this is not a problem [in most circumstances]. With these codecs, you can play most videos on the Internet. Nothing on the Mac plays DRMed Windows Media. However, if you find other content that your QuickTime installation cannot handle, a simple Google search on the format will likely yield a compatible codec.

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