Still running IOS 10.3.2


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Nov 10, 2018
I have an IPhone 7plus still running iOS 10.3.2. Should I now upgrade to iOS 12 ?


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Jul 29, 2012
That you have not updated to iOS 11 for the past year says something about you being part of a group of people who are not all that interested about updating to new iOS firmwares. It’s perfectly fine though.

1. Make a list of ‘Reasons why I would want to stay on iOS 10.3.2 and not upgrade’.

2. Make another list of ‘Reasons why I want to upgrade to iOS 12’.

3. Weigh both lists together - the tradeoffs and whether is it worth it - and make your decision.

Otherwise, forumers like me can only speak from our own experiences with iOS 12. I have a 6S Plus (daily driver) and a 8 Plus. Both run fine on iOS 12 is all I can say.
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Nov 6, 2014
Will also chime in by saying the iPX was released with iOS 11. It runs better on iOS 12, which is sad... shows you how bad iOS 11 actually was.

I can’t compare 10 to 12 since it’s been so long I’ve had 10 but 12 is fantastic. People who have a 7+ might be able to offer you more on point advice and opinions.


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May 20, 2015
Me, I am also someone who is always hesitating to "upgrade" to the newest IOS... I am always "1 version in retard" because I want always to work with a STABLE OS, be it IOS or macOS...

BUT: A friend of mine got a "new" iPhone SE changed by apple because of a charging-problem. helping him to install his backup on his "new" SE, we saw that this was only possible while installing IOS 12.

we both were very satisfied about IOS 12.01.
Even me upgraded some weeks later and I have to say, it works excellent on my SE 128GB.
It has gotten faster, running smoother and even battery time is now better than before.

I am very pleased and a happy User now. First time ever since 2005, that I faced the risk to use the "newest" OS.
upgraded also my "old" iPadPro 9,7 256GB and this works significant better than under IOS 11.6.1 as well.
Note also that apple claims that there were some important advances concerning security and privacy.

All in all, the best IOS I had ever on my IOS devices.

BUT: Neither my best friend nor me are power-users who install hundreds of apps and chase around in social networks, we just have installed round some dozens of apps.

regarding the comments about IOS 12 they are much better than that comments normally made about new IOS-Versions.

I join in to the comments already made here: You have to make a solid decision by yourself, depending on your personal needs. But me as someone as skeptical and hesitating as you about upgrading OS, I can only recommend to upgrade. For me, it is worth it and I am nearly sure that you will be glad with it.
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Dec 30, 2014
Since you’re on iOS 10, if everything is working fine, you don’t need to upgrade.

The main thing that affected me when I had an iPhone 8 is it seemed to keep draining when I don’t use the phone much. It’s not the super bad drain I see some mentioned here, but enough to be annoying. I have an iPhone 6+ on also on iOS 10 and it barely drains when I don’t use it. Both phones I turn on airplane mode at home (I have horrible cell reception at home).

If my device is on iOS 11, then I’d upgrade to the latest iOS 12.


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Nov 30, 2013
Gotta be in it to win it
It runs better on iOS 12, which is sad... shows you how bad iOS 11 actually was.
Why is it bad? Is it bad that apple improves it's o/s from version to version?
Thanks everyone, I am happy with my current operating system, but some of the apps I've been using won't update without the 12
Only you can determine whether you want to upgrade. There is certainly enough about ios 12.1 at this point on the internet (not to mention this site) to make a determination.
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Nov 7, 2017
I’d make a list of what apps you have that won’t update (and if they’re iOS 12 only) and if the updates are important enough to you.

I’d avoid updating if you can - see below why.

If you have to update:

iOS 12 is really nice on my 7 - except the battery seems to drain faster than I ever remember doing so on 10. And I have 84% battery capacity on it. So stay on 10 if you can.
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Apr 8, 2015
Battery life will probably decrease heavily, unsure about performance. I had a 7+ on iOS 10 (it is still running iOS 10.3.1). Performance was impeccable (the phone is still running iOS 10).
I stopped using it as the camera was broken and Apple refused to exchange it (long story) and went back to my 6s on iOS 9.
A friend has an iPhone 7 on iOS 12 and battery life is half that of my 6s (it was exactly the same when it was on iOS 10).
iOS 12 has advantages but if iOS 10 works fine for you, there's absolutely no reason to update. I wouldn't do it.
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Feb 11, 2014
I can’t think of a single reason why *not* to update. iOS 12 runs extremely well on a 6s, let alone on a 7.

iOS 10 is two years old already.
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Nov 12, 2018
hello sportfans! im sticking with iOSXive 11.8988756473635242435 on the pod 2017 and affraid of 12.109090878656432435406 upgrade/storage spacer user.20 am i missing anything besides emoji and AI that 11 does not offer? i do not bank, text while commuting or imassage that god guy on the ipad, i use that for coloring comix and as a keyboard for my macbook air and maybe watch a game while cooking mutton, yum yum!


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Sep 10, 2014
One thing that will constantly annoy you for awhile is how swiping up control center and turning off wifi doesn’t truly turn off wifi, same with Bluetooth.

My 7 plus on 12.1 is decent, way faster than 11 probably the same speed wise as 10 if I recall correctly. I have experienced connectivity issues with iOS 12 all though intermittent they are annoying, it seems as if something was tweaked as areas I’ve had full service has dropped to less than half that, the only thing that’s changed is iOS 12, I have also noticed slower WiFi by a lot not a little I have 1gbps down and 1gpbs up and a lot of times I am lucky to get 44mbps running a speed test right beside the modem. (Other devices are fine, however not apple devices either)

I have also noticed on 12 keyboard lag when typing a reboot will fix but it will return.

Battery life is decent it’ll last a day with about 35% left by bedtime, I am usually a heavy user.

To be honest if I had the chance I’d go back to iOS 10 and stay there to me it was perfect I had not one complaint with the last version of 10.

Edit: I forgot to add constent Bluetooth connectivity issues with 12.1 and uconnect (dodge)


Nov 12, 2018
11 is great because the swiping to get to another app is needed and keyboard functions are amazing!


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Apr 15, 2011
I updated my iphone 6 and ipad air 2 from 10.3.3 a few days ago. No regrets whatsoever, and I am one of those people who are EXTREMELY sensitive to the slightest stutter.