Still trying to downgrade back to 2.2.1, am i doing DFU wrong?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ki2594, Apr 9, 2009.

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    So i'm on a paid dev account and i'm on 3.0 beta 2. Its definitely bearable but at the same time i think 2.2.1 would be fine for me until June.

    The problem is that i put my iPhone into DFU mode (10 seconds of pressing the menu/pwr buttons and then releasing the power button and continuing to press down the menu button until the comp. recognizes it) and then i do the restore like i'm supposed to, expecting an error like 10xx, but i ALWAYS get either 1600 on my Mac (sometimes on the PC), or i get error 21. Why?!

    I know 1600 means i did DFU mode wrong, but what is it that i'm doing wrong? I know its DFU mode and not restore mode because the display of the iPhone doesn't come on during the process unlike restore mode. And i don't really know why i get error 21.

    Can someone help me out with this? I'm pretty sure i'm good with the rest of the process of downgrading, but i just need to get the right restore error on iTunes! ahh!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :) (and yes, i have read every damn post about downgrading that Google and MRoogle can find :p)
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    1) Close all programs and restart computer.
    2) Open iTunes and plug in powered off iPhone with direct USB connection.
    3) If iTunes fails to connect to iPhone...continue to #4, if it does...restore.
    4) Shut DOWN iTunes again.
    5) Power OFF the iPhone & Disconnect from computer. (Power off two ways-one will work, hold home and sleep button until off or just hold sleep button until off)
    6) Hold down Home button & connect to computer using direct connected USB cable (keep holding down the home button until iTunes sees it).
    7) It should go into recovery mode and iTunes should recognise it.
    8) If you want to recover to previous software version, Hold Alt/Shift and click restore in iTunes. Then select the old update version.


    1. Turn the iPhone ON
    2. CONNECT it to the computer with a DIRECT USB connection.
    3. Make sure iTunes is open so you'll know when it enters DFU mode.
    4. HOLD the Power/Sleep-Wake button AND the Home button for 10 seconds.
    5. RELEASE only the Power/Sleep-Wake button and continue to hold the Home button.
    6. WAIT until iTunes recognizes the phone in DFU Restore mode (in Windows a bubble pops up saying it recognized new hardware "DFU Mode" or something to that effect)
    The last step may take SOME TIME, like, say, even 60 seconds or so.
    The screen should be OFF (black), if you see the "Connect to iTunes" logo, START OVER.
    It may take a few tries to do the steps just right, just reboot
    (hold both Power/Sleep-Wake AND Home until the Apple logo appears and the phone turns back on) then try again.
    7. Then restore the iphone

    -Plug one end of the cord into your phone and the other in your computer
    -Remove the cord in your computer, leaving the cord in the phone still plugged in
    -Hold both the home button and on/off button on the phone
    -Once the screen turns off, let go of the on/off button but continue holding the home button
    -Plug in the other end of the cord in your computer while still holding the home button on the phone
    -Once the apple logo appears, continue holding until you see the plug into itunes screen on your phone
    -Click restore.

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