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    Feb 11, 2010
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    Registering for college courses. Photoshop/Web Design courses. Photoshop courses are full but a class titled Creating Web Pages Using Dreamweaver is available. I was wondering if people still use Dreamweaver. I know its been out for awhile (with different versions of course).
    Heres a course description...

    CSA 144. Creating Web Pages Using Dreamweaver (3). Create website using Dreamweaver software. Emphasis on creating, publishing to the web and maintaining website. This is cross-listed with WEB 144. Three lecture.

    1. Basic web page elements
    2. HTML coding elements
    3. Links and URLs
    4. Tables
    5. Forms
    6. Style sheets
    7. Website publishing
    8. Site management
    9. Typography
    10. Layout tools and concepts
    11. Rollover images
    12. Templates and libraries
    13. Automation
    14. Spry

    1. Critique web elements on existing web sites. (1,2)
    2. Use tables to present data. (4)
    3. Create a website with logical file organization and navigation. (8)
    4. Use semantic tags. (2)
    5. Import images into a web page. (1)
    6. Create text, image, image map, email and file links. (3)
    7. Layout a web site using tables, absolute positioned elements, and templates or libraries. (4,5,9,10,12)
    8. Use automation tools to alter multiple pages of a site. (13)
    9. Apply external style sheets with class and tag selectors. (6)
    10. Create forms with validation. (5,14)
    11. Create image rollovers and disjoint image rollovers. (11)
    12. Publish a web site. (7,8)
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    Aug 15, 2011
    I use DreamWeaver when it's available - it's one of the best on the market for what it does, and combines the WYSIWYG stuff with the code nicely. I've always preferred to use the code, and so having just got a Mac, I'm using the free trial of Coda for now and enjoying it, but I'd use DreamWeaver if I had it (and plan on doing the free trial of that next to see it on the Mac)

    The WYSIWYG editor isn't perfect, and some features in the WYSIWYG come later than you'd like, but it's good for basic design. The code editor, on the other hand, is one of the best in its class.

    Other things in DreamWeaver are that it supports things like JavaScript highlighting, which is really useful, and I believe it does PHP and AJAX as well, though don't quote me on those two.

    The most useful part of DreamWeaver, though, is the file browser - it does an amazing job managing sites and FTP and keeping everything in sync the way you want it to.

    Back to the original topic of is the class worth taking, definitely. Even if you end up not using DreamWeaver, almost everything in it can be transferred in one way or another to other web design, and if you do, having some experience is a good leg up.

    Looking at the contents of the class, tables may be a bit outdated for layout, but it seems like everything there is likely to be directly useful. If it fits in your schedule and you want to do it, I say go for it. And don't forget, you'll probably have a bunch of days to drop the class if you decide it's not for you.
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    Cool thank you. Ya I figured at the least I can get some skills to use something else later if I choose to. Ill do it.

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