Still with ML 8.4. Really can't decide on Mav. Hints.

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by Racineur, Apr 22, 2014.

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    Hi, I follow the threads here and I have to say I cannot make up my mind about upgrading to Mavericks. So many sad stories. Am I misreading? I have a late 2012 iMac 27, 3.2 i5, 1 T SSD, 8 RAM. No freezes, no beachballs, no nothin. Couldn't run softer. I tend to like to be up-to-date but I know I'd be damn unhappy and upset if my Mac had all the troubles I read here: beachballs, SSD and Ext. HD that don't wake up and all. Is there a best way to prepare a Mac to receive Mavericks. Or should I wait until 10.10 when it comes.
    Thanks for the cues and hints.
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    This is a forum. This means that the sample you are seeing here is massively skewed - there are millions of Mac users that don't post here but more importantly people without issues generally do not post about it.

    Look through the history of this form and you will see the same amount of people complaining about bugs in Mountain Lion, Lion and yes, even their beloved Snow Leopard was derided in post after post as being unstable when released.

    Personally, even DP3 of Mavericks was more stable than the GM of mountain Lion, plus it is significantly speedier than both Lion and Mountain Lion.

    Some tips:

    1. Before you start, take a backup of any data you need. If you can do a full backup using something like CCC or SuperDuper, even better.

    2. Before you upgrade, check to see if you have any none-Apple drivers installed (using kextstat) if you do, remove them.

    3. Like with any other major release, if you encounter any serious bugs try a clean install - it resolves the problems in most cases.
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    I've had no trouble of significance on the 100 or so Macs that I manage at work which have all been upgraded to 10.9.2.
    If nothing else, you really must upgrade to 10.8.5 as 10.8.4 doesn't get any updates at all anymore.
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    Guess I'll stick to ML

    Sorry folks but the posts here are too scary. I can understand most of users have a smooth experience with Mavericks but those who don't have a real bad experience. As a friend said "why upgrade if your OS is trouble free"? For now, it's the case and nothing in Mavericks is compelling enough. I wonder if I'm alone with this thinking. Anyhow, thanks for all.
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    No one makes a thread or replies to say how great things are. This forum is for helping people with problems.

    You don't sit in a doctors waiting room to talk to all the people telling you how healthy they are, do you?
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    Since you have an SSD, go ahead and get Mavericks. Quite a number of people who complain that Mavericks is slow don't realize that it's their HDD that's causing it.

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