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May 26, 2005
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I do some website development, and the odd graphics job. I typically use my own photos if I can, but will likely need some stock photos for this.

For a website header, I'm looking for things like seasonal pics that I can swap in and out as the seasons change (winter, spring, summer, fall).

For the Ad job, it is hunting related, so looking for things like deer, ducks, wild turkey, nature background, etc.

Can anyone recommend a good stock photo site(s). Can be subscription based, or whatever. Not looking for anything too costly, and free would be even better :)

Thanks in advance.

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Apr 4, 2007
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Microstock......Lots of options.

You want to get yourself over to the micro-stock sites.

While the photos are "made to sell" there are lots of gems in the lists. You just need to spend some time looking

Three that I would recommend are the following


Each are different - having different types of images, feels and concepts. They also have different pricing structures.


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Nov 11, 2008
I am usually an iStockphoto user, but there's a great new marketplace out there called Photodune which has similar selection, but at a fraction of the price. Photodune is owned by Envato, which also runs a selection of other stock sites, and you can check out the Photodune marketplace here.

...they're still in beta, but i think they're on the way to giving iStock a run for it's money.
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