Stock Transaction: Just Dumped MS for Apple


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Jan 5, 2004
Chicago (by way of SF)
Cfly said:
apple is going to crash hard over the next year.
I would have agreed with you a few months ago -- Apple was grossly over valued. At around $36 I would say it is in a comfort zone -- assuming no major news (since the Intel news, that is). (Its 52 week low was $14 -- its 52 week high was $45.)

Apple used to sink to below $12 and people would pronounce the company dead -- then it would go to $25. It must have done that a dozen times over the past ten years. Busting out to $45 was a surprise to me based on past performance.

Brother Michael

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Apr 14, 2004
Hey if goes low enough, I will play the game and buy as much as I can...Which won't be a lot but it would make me happy.



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Jun 11, 2005
pimentoLoaf said:
Why would they?
Intel macs = OS X on illegal hardware.
Getting too comfortable with current innovations = falling from sled of progress
Diminishing of iPod-phenomena & halo-effect (who here hasn't seen silhouette dancers on TV at least thrice?!)
Increasing Longhorn hype
Possible MS announcement of quitting MS Office for Apple

I'd say sell Apple before this winter, buy more before winter 2006 (Longhorn hype maxed out) and sell again after some years (Longhorn noticed to be a sitting duck)