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    So I'm a Zephyr user. I absolutely love this package. One particular thing I love about it is how it changes the drop down animation for the notification center. I love how I only have to swipe down just a little bit to expose the top of my notifications. I put my most important notifications at the top of my notification center. First I have weather, then ncsettings, then my important notifications. I am explaining all this because it helps understand my question.

    I am a smoker. I always smoke outside. Depending on the time of year and time of day, I like to quickly glance at the weather in my NC to determine whether I should grab a jacket or sweatshirt or whatever based on the current weather. Since I smoke, I do this quite a number of times throughout the day. What I find really frustrating is that more times than not, the weather section in my NC is blank and the only way for me to see the weather is to swipe the NC all the way down and then the weather will load. I was wondering if there was a way to keep it always loaded, even if its a temperature from a couple hours ago? Or an alternative to that would be to have the weather automatocally load as soon as I start to pull down the NC as opposed to making me complete the swipe gesture before it'll load the data. I don't know why this is the current default behavior. I find it particularly annoying. Does anyone know how I can change this behavior to load automatically or maybe even cache the previous information so my NC will ALWAYS show the temperature? If none of that is possible, does Forecast behave as I have described? If be willing to purchase that if it does what I'm looking for. Anyone have any input? Thanks!
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    if you are mainly looking for temp, there are several apps in the apps store that put the current temp as a badge on the icon.

    If you are looking for more than the temp maybe try dashboardX to add a weather widget to your SB
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    I use forecast and its like instant. Look into it.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I used to use WeatherIcon all the time back in the iOS4 days when I was a heavy LockInfo user. I can't believe I didn't think of that. I prolly removed it from my memory because I use springtomize to keep my status bar completely clean from any clutter. WeatherIcon could actually be a good solution.

    I'll also look into Forecast. I respect David Asham's work a lot and although I don't use LockInfo any more, I'd still like to support him since he's done so much for the jailbreak community. Hell maybe I'll use both of these packages! Thanks again guys for the feedback. Much appreciated.

    Edit: It doesn't look like weatherIcon has been updated for iOS6 yet. That's a bummer. Looks like forecast is my only option.

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