Stolen iPhone...any way I can get it back?

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    Alright, I've been Googling all morning so I thought I would just come ask the experts.:D

    Saturday I dropped my iPhone 3G, cracking the screen. It has some problems already, and Apple is willing to replace it under AppleCare that I bought. The problem is, I am a T-Mobile iPhone user, and the new phone Apple would give me would not be unlockable. So, I decided to buy an unlocked phone used, and then get a new one from Apple and sell it on eBay. This plan was working beautifully. I found an iPhone within 5 minutes of my house on Craigslist Saturday night, and I promptly purchased it. Because it is running 4.2.1, and my cracked screen phone is running 4.3.1, I could not simply restore the new phone from a backup. On Sunday, I took both phones with me to church. (not for use during the service, of course ;) I was in the process of manually changing all of the preferences to make the phone how I wanted it. At some point in the morning, (I think when I made a trip to the restroom) someone took the new phone, with no sim in it, from my jacket pocket. By the time I realized it was gone, it was too late to try and figure out who had taken it. :confused:

    My question is, is there any way that I can track this phone? The ONLY account I had added to the phone was my main gmail account. (stupid me didn't add my MobileMe first) Other than that email account, I have no other info on that phone. (well, Google syncs my contacts too actually)

    I know I was stupid to not put my Me account on first, and I'm not really looking for someone to yell at me for being dumb this morning. I'm just hoping to find an answer, one way or the other, about whether there's any hope or I'm just out $200. Thanks!:)
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    Time to find a new church if people rifle through your clothing and steal from you when you use the rest room.
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    Not much you can do but ask around in that nice church of yours:)

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