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Jun 20, 2010
Had my older model iPhone stolen and stupidly didn't have Find My iPhone set up so I couldn't remote wipe it nor was iCloud set up (long story), although I was able to log out of my email apps. I filed a standard police report, deactivated my service, but don't expect to get my phone back.

My only concern is that some of my personal info may have been compromised. I had a passcode but my phone was being used at the time it was stolen and I didn't put on a timed lock. I clearly know what to do next time, but my question is do you think I have reason for concern? If so is there anything I can/should do? (ie. monitor my credit report, etc)

From what I understand most "apple pickers" just sell the phones and they are quickly wiped, which is what I am hoping happened, but I can't count on that.



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Sorry to hear that, and now this will be a lesson to be learned from this. You do not know who the person is so you will have to keep your eyes open for everything. You let your guard down and it will up and bite you. The police report was some what a waste of time, but there is that one in a billion chance.So all you can do is wait and see. :mad:


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Apr 30, 2012
theres really no way for us to tell since we dont know what info you had on the phone. if you had anything with your name, address, date of birth or access to emails with financial info, then yea i would keep an eye out on your accounts.
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