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    1. YOUR GOAL
    These is a goal, only a goal, each level is a logic puzzle. Your goal is to clear the game board using you inventory contents. Pick elements from inventory one by one and place them on the gameboard cells.

    To clear elements from the game board you need to arrange them in different combinations. For example, simple Stones will explode in lines of 3.

    3. Organizing chains
    When elements explode, other nearby elements may shift to neighboring cells, thus setting off a new explosion. Use this behavior to organize chain reactions.

    -- Including 100 LEVELS, completely burned your brain.
    -- Including 10 kinds of stones.
    -- Unique rules of the game, you can feel different kind of fun.
    -- Support Retina Display.

    TouchArcade 's review:

    Actually, I've been playing this for maybe half an hour, and it's really quite good so far. I'll probably get the paid version.

    The mechanics are pretty cool. You place colored stones on the board. Depending on the formations made, other stones get pushed about. The resulting chain reactions are pretty satisfying to watch. It starts simple, but is quickly getting more and more complex. Also, there are different puzzle groups that introduce new mechanics. For instance, basic stones need three
    In a row to remove, but others might need 4 in a row or have to be in a 2x2 configuration.

    The title screen is not attractive, but the game itself looks pretty nice.

    BTW, one thing the game desperately needs is a way to undo a move without restating the level. That omission is going to make my stop playing soon.

    A lot of games say they are addictive, but this really does have a "one more level" pull to it. They also do a nice job of introducing new mechanics.

    I wish you could turn off the ads with IAP. I'd happily pay the two bucks at this point, but then I'd lose all the levels I have completed.

    I'm 50 levels in now and still hooked. The game keeps introducing new mechanics every 10-15 levels that keep things interesting, and in some cases, drastically alter gameplay.

    If you are into logical puzzlers at all (e.g. Block sliding or puzzle modes on match 3 games) you should definitely have a look.






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