Stop charging Mac when I want (Looking for software)


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Dec 4, 2009
Hi!. Well, I have a 15" MacBook Pro, and I have a little question.

I'm looking for a software that allows me to stop charging my Mac when I want.
I'm asking for this type of software 'cause sometimes I charge my MBP, then I start to use with Battery, but if the battery level decreases over 95% the next-time when I plug the Magsafe, my MBP will charge one more time to the 100%. (I think that's very bad for my battery life).

Thank you very much. (I used google before ask).


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Feb 19, 2005
That is not bad for your battery. Perhaps other types but not these.
Read the apple support docs about battery health and such or hire a monkey to plug and unplug when necessary.

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