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    Jun 11, 2006
    This is a miniature how-to that describes how to disable (permanent solution) the iBook pulsing sleep night. The requirements are minimal, a screw-driver and hex-screw set. Please read below for a detailed description.

    1. Cracking the case

    Take the battery off, I used the pliers on the right to twist it (and also remove the padded feet on the three remaining corners). This will leave you with the following --

    This picture also outlines what each tool will be used for, and the screw locations holding the cover on.

    Once you have the screws off, remove the cover (white) from the rest of the frame (I'd recommend starting on the back by the fan and work your way around). It can give you a lot of trouble and a heck-uva fingertip ache. I wouldn't recommend it, but I used the screwdriver to leverage the case off at points that got tricky. It seemed quite sturdy, I think you'd actually have to try to break it.

    Here is what it looks like once the case is removed. You will have some more small screwed to remove.

    Once the white cover is off, there is an aluminum casing that will need either removed completely or the corner will need unscrewed and pulled up. I took the entire thing off for pictures and because I dropped a screw on the inside.

    2. Killing the light

    At this point, the rest is simple. Just in case, the next picture shows what you are looking for...


    Simply unplug this, I recommend unplugging it like so,


    as it limits the possibility of shorting something or having trouble putting the case back on if the connector drifts. Simply pull the yellow tape up and pull the wire back towards the light and place the tape back down. Simple.

    Once this is done, you've got yourself a permanently 'corrected' pulsing sleep light! Put things back on and try it out, hopefully the annoyance is solved.

    I hope this helps anybody that was weary about cracking their iBook open to get rid of the blinking light fix the problem. Happy sleeping!
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    And I don't remember it being done via software for any towers either.

    AFAIR, this was controlled by the Firmware/ROM.

    If you have the software, please post a link. There are many, many, many interested in this.
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    Why would you do this? Haha, I can't think of a reason at all...
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    ill tell ya. my girlfriend has one and it has annoyed me a few times. when its completely dark at night that thing pulsing has driven me nuts. but i found it easier to just set something over it.

    i did laugh a lot at that picture that says "The Enemy"
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    I concur.. the pulsing drives me nuts. I have to cover it otherwise it will keep me awake all night long.
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    Or just use iTape.™ Also useful for built-in iSight privacy.

    Nice guide though :)

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