Stopped at the Apple store yesterday.

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by jjfcpa, Apr 17, 2015.

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    Feb 25, 2009
    So I decided to drop into the Village Pointe Apple store in Omaha, NE. Perchance they might have a type-C adapter with the HDMI port for the new Macbook. Yea, right.

    The first thing I notice is that there were a number of staff just standing around. I've been to this store many times and this was uncharacteristic, to say the least.

    Talked to a couple of staff and asked about the HDMI adapter and they said they don't expect to see it any time soon. Order online was their solution. Not what I like to hear when I go shopping for an Apple product in an Apple store. Oh well, moving on.

    I next asked them about the Macbook. Yes, we have display units, but none for sale. They hadn't even talk to one that had received theirs yet so they were excited when I told them I had mine already. One of the staff had theirs on order for May delivery. I asked them when they were expecting to get some for resale and they both looked at each other and just shrugged. They did not seem pleased with the fact that they had this hot little laptop on the market with lots of people interested in buying and the pat response they were giving was "buy it online because we don't have any idea when we will get them". Moving on.

    I next looked at the Apple Watch. They had about 2 or 3 dozen display units but none for sale. I told them I missed out on the early order frenzy and they encouraged me to try some on and place an order... online, because they don't have any idea when they will be getting them in stock. I told them I know which one I want to purchase so I'm just waiting till the rush is over, then order.

    So my overall impression is that Apple store employees are as frustrated as we consumers are with the lack of supply in the retail stores. As they said, this has never happened before... new product launch and not ONE to sell!

    I asked them this question. Do you think this will impact the consumers reliance on the Apple store as a primary source of purchasing Apple products? They both said ABSOLUTELY. In fact, they've already seen it. Their traffic has diminished since the launch of the watch and Macbook because the consumer knows they don't have anything to sell.

    Interesting article regarding this:
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    Jun 13, 2009

    Seems to me that waiting until the Watch rush dies down is actually going to push your date out further. At least if you order now you are in the queue. Can always cancel.

    As for the stores, once upon a time I liked going to the store....but as they got so crowded and the service got downright weird I avoided the stores at all cost. Ordered everything I could online and visiting a store was a last resort. They needed to change something. So, if they are experimenting on how to make the day to day experience better, I'm all for it.

    That being said, if they had MacBooks for sale in the store I would have bought one last Friday. Apple's logistics of getting product to you on specified dates is so good that i don't worry at all about getting what I want. I just get up at 3AM and go back to sleep at 3:05. Can always cancel or return the item if change mind.
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    Oct 9, 2005
    I have little doubt that Apple Stores will be stocking the new MacBooks, though clearly the April 10 launch was anything but.

    The watch, on the other hand, appears to have been designed as an online-only affair from the beginning, though the whole "April 10 pre-order, April 24 launch" was not advertised appropriately. Should have been "April 10 pre-order, April 24 shipping starts" kind of a deal. Clearly none will be available in stores until summer.

    Though if it was all online only, not sure why they needed a launch date at all. Just make the order date start April 24 and ship the first batch right away.

    Not sure who to blame for this though -- this new Angela person they have in charge of Apple Retail or manufacturing difficulty. Definitely un-Apple like though to have no product available on "launch" day.

    But not to turn this in to a watch thread... I'd love the new MacBook, so I'm hoping they'll be available for pick up in-store soon.
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    Land of the Unexpected
    Pretty much mirrors my experience here in Asia with Apple and the retail staff. As for the Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores, sooner she`s gone the better, from my experience in corporate CYA is in top gear, with no transparency to the customers, add in the embarrassment of Best Buy now selling retail store stock. Equally personal relationships and the very public dismissing of another Senior Vice President responsible Retail I am sure we will be stuck with her for some time...

  5. lsbuffs macrumors regular

    Feb 5, 2009
    Funny you mention going to the Apple Store and seeing the staff standing around. I went in yesterday to get a USB C to USB adapter in advance of my MacBook delivery from Best Buy today. I noticed the same thing. I'm used to going into the Aspen Grove Apple Store in Littleton, CO and seeing all the staff very busy with customers. Yesterday most of the staff seemed to be talking amongst themselves.

    As an aside, this was my first time in an Apple Store since the Apple Watch came out. I found myself walking right by the display case in the center of the store with only a brief glance. First new Apple product in a long while that I'm not really that interested in.

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