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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by dukebound85, Jun 26, 2009.

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    So I was riding my motorcycle and pulled in to fill up. A cop then pulls up nest to me and says

    "How are you doing?"

    I say " I'm doing well, yourself?"

    He then says "Do you have an endorsement?"

    I proceed to hand him my license and he moves on.

    My question is does the cop have the power to ask my if I have my motorcycle license soley based on the fact I am riding a motorcycle? I didn't violate any laws.

    Just gave me a bad vibe. Akin to asking for citizenship papers or IF I have a license to drive my car or whatnot for no reason. I didn't want to ruffle feathers as its easier to go along with the request than challenge the basis for the request in a sense
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    No he doesn't but trust me if you would not have given him your license he would of found a reason to pull you over, at least if they are anything like the cops here in Texas.
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    Cops violate the law all the time, especially traffic/parking laws. Don't be intimidated by them, a few of them are pompous idiots, but most of them are good guys.

    Random license checks aren't illegal though, I believe.

    A few days ago a police car did not give me the right of way as a pedestrian on a zebra crossing and stop sign, and then proceeded to start yelling at a Best Buy customer who was parked right outside the store to have a huge TV dropped off in his tv.
    I felt like yelling at the officer myself for being such a jerk.
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    May 10, 2009
    Go check out there's a lot of nightmare stories many readers have.
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    Did he ask for your license? If he purely asked if you had an endorsement, I'd just reply, "Why of course I do, why did I do something wrong?"

    This is kind of like the "do you mind if we search your car?" question. A lot of people give up their rights.

    They can ask, you don't have to oblige. He didn't really pull you over. Just pulled up next to you.

    As long as you're in the right and are clean as a whistle, I'd challenge him. Especially at a gas station with cameras rolling - no doubt. Then hopefully you can get the crap smacked out of you because his wife is sleeping with his ex-partner and he just lost $487 in a poker game last night and is in a very bad mood. Just looking for a punk with a fast crotch rocket to give him some lip. Forgot all about those cameras didn't he. You get $1M and he gets fired only to later find out that the kid he's been paying child support for 15 years after the divorce is actually his ex-partners.

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