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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Ledgem, Oct 25, 2016.

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    I think we've all encountered those horrid advertisements where sound suddenly starts playing and you realize that an entire video clip has loaded and is playing. Advertisements aside, many news websites now also include video that loads and automatically starts playing when you view a story. In all cases, these lead to a mad scramble to find the video and hit the "pause" button.

    The wonderful solution to this issue used to be the ClickToPlugin extension (many are more familiar with the name ClickToFlash, which focused specifically on Flash content). Safari 10.0 broke this extension by default, and while you can re-enable it by fully enabling the Flash extension, the developer has stated that the current version will be the last version.

    Safari has some options to stop auto-playing videos, but it seems that either this feature is bugged or it relies on cooperation from websites that aren't playing along. Does anyone know of any extensions, software, or methods to stop auto-playing videos?
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    Also interested in this, I loved ClickToPlugin. Maybe Apple will bring content blockers to macOS.
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    Script blockers -

    In Safari, uBlock or JSBlocker, properly configured, will prevent most to all auto-playing. How long they'll continue to work in Safari is unknown. Neither use Safari's Content Blocker API.

    In FireFox, uBlock Origin or NoScript, properly configured, will prevent most to all auto-playing.

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