Storage issue after using Daisydisk to delete files

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by LSUtigers03, Jul 22, 2015.

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    Yesterday I used Daisydisk to find and delete some larger folders off of my Air. The space was freed up and everything was fine. Today that space is no longer freed up. In the pic below the larger green half circles are both my user account and they are the same size at 85.5 GB. The inner circle is located at Macintosh HD/Users/Account and the outer circle is located at Macintosh HD/Users. Daisydisk also only shows about 111 GB of usage which should leave me with over 100 GB of free space but I only have 32 GB of free space.


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    It looks like you have Time Machine turned on. When TM is on and you delete a file, it does not really get deleted. It gets moved to a hidden /.MobileBackups folder in case you want to restore the file. The OS Manages this space, so you can ignore it. You can read a bit about it here.

    If you run the command below in Terminal it will show you how much space is being used in that folder.

    sudo du -hs /.MobileBackups
    If you want, yu can zero out that space by turning TM off then back on.
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    The "About this Mac" dialog is notoriously buggy wrt displaying storage information.

    Go to the Finder and right-click on your drive. Choose Get Info. That will tell you how much you have free.
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    Thanks for the info Weaselboy. That folder was 137 GB.

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