Storage Nightmare/Headache

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by lc25, Oct 29, 2009.

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    Jul 31, 2009
    Evening all,

    So for about a 3 months i have been tossing around all kinds of ideas but still don't have a clue,so here goes i will lay down all my ideas and hardware and if some kind people can throw in a idea i would much appreciate it. (sorry if i get all muddled and ramble my heads full of stuff and i just have to get some help with it)

    Current Hardware
    Quad Core,4Gb ram and 6 1tb drives with xp
    Macbook Pro (Picking this up next week)

    For the past 3 months my xp machine with roughly 5tb of data has sat idle not even turned on,it runs dual 24"monitors which i am wanting to sell to fund this project with the machine if i can't find a use for it or it doesn't meet my needs.

    Currently using my macbook for everything but when i get macbook pro i will use that as my main machine and the macbook with go upstairs in the current place of my xp machine for watching movies on my tv and downloads and other stuff.

    The main issue i face is the storage and access/backup i am unsure on which way to go.I would like to purchase 2 drobo's or a pro and hook them up2 aebs which would work nice a part from the initial cost, and sell off the xp machine apart from the drives (i know about not just slotting them in so don't worry about that i have a way around it). I am tempted to keep the xp machine make it a server and stick it in the loft out of the way drives and everything and just run the laptops pulling the data down,but do i really want a windows machine in my life ?. I think i am getting slightly muddled here as i am even lost now.Maybe i should throw all the 1tb drives into individual enclosures and just plug them into a hub connected to aebs ? or into the macbook connected to the tv.

    So there we have it a giant blotch of text from a rather distressed person who is at the point of total meltdown and going to go bed and look forward to any help anyone has.

    Truth be told it all boils down to the fact i spend all day playing in a windows environment and it drives me up the wall, ohhh how i long to come home and use the crisp stress free lovelyness that is OSX
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    Put Ubuntu Server (or Ubuntu if you're not comfortable with command-line admin) on the PC and set it up as a file server.

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