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    Not sure if this is the correct place.

    I have recently brought 50x 25GB Blank Blu-ray Disc. I have been a while few holidays this year. I am planning on backing the memories on to those discs, once i burn them can i keep the disc i don't want to close the disc to is there way to keep the burned disc open once it have back it up? I can add more to memories to later date and work on any computer?

    i have used up 875GB of 1TB, 1 year ago i had used 300GB. Using daisy disk i have 235 Gb of pictures and converted movies.

    Is there any other ways to see what is using up my disc storage?

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    There is an option in most burning apps to "make disc appendable".

    That is, instead of "disc at once" (entire disc is "closed" at the end of the burn, and no more can be added), you can use the remaining space on the disc for a new session.

    Be aware that after doing this, when you mount the disc, you will see more than one icon on your desktop (each one representing a previous session).

    I'm not sure if this works with BR discs, perhaps others will comment.

    Actually, I would recommend that you buy another drive as well, and use something like CarbonCopyCloner to create a bootable cloned backup of your main drive...
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    I have the TM backup drive, which is almost full too. I also have a 3TB drive which I would need to partition. A have CCC backup running every 2nd Sunday night.

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