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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by gman901, Nov 5, 2010.

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    Yesterday I completed a 4 hour backup of my 64 Gb iPad on my 11" MBA. I started with 75 GB available before I synced and backed up my iPad and then checked it again after the sync completed and ended up with 67 GB available. I can't figure why I dropped so much storage after everything backed up. I checked my mobile sync folder and can only attribute 2.25 GB as my backup size for my ipad which means I lost an additional 5.75 GB and is being tied up somewhere on my flash drive. Could anyone please give me a suggestion or idea in how I can determine where the extra storage went?:confused:
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    Is it the storage used so you can instant on? There is a program that shows which folders have the most storage... Can't remember what it's called, though. I had about 4gb in mine.
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    Look under Users>your name>Library>Application Support>MobileSync>Backup...

    Check the size of those folders within.

    The fact that your backup took 4 hours tells me that you have a lot of (or large) files stored inside apps. They all need to be backup onto your Mac.
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    I'm not sure if this is the program you're talking about but there's a program called Disk Inventory X.
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    Backups take up space. What may be happening is that certain applications on your iPad store data within the applications "folder."

    As an example. Good Reader. When you add books to it either from dropbox or another source. Those files sit in a data folder for Good Reader. Those are then backed up in each backup you make on your Mac. I'm sure there are other applications that do the same thing.

    My guess is that something like this is happening with one or several of your applications.

    Podcasts? or vidcasts? Those get added to your library if you're subscribed. They'll also take up space when you sync.

    It's likely something simple like that.
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    Thanks for the suggestions! I will take a look at my podcasts, but I am pretty certain that I deleted all but the most recent about 3 days ago. The only other thing I can think of is my ComicZeal 4 application for the iPad. I had about 300+ comics stored on the iPad using that App; however I deleted about 1/2 of them directly on the ipad using the edit function built into Comiczeal. I did this prior to my sync. So is it possible that by syncing, it not only backed up 2.25 Gb from my Ipad, but also added 5 Gb to the application stored on my Air?
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    Oct 28, 2010
    No answer but everytime I use Time Machine to restore at least 10GB free space disappears; I then use my OS X Install and it's back - my guess is something is not being replaced but an additional copy is copied in the Time Machine.

    I'm a Windows 7 user still trying to figure out OS X :eek:.


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